Software is the Tool, not the Goal.

Jelle De Zwaef is the driving force behind Nordend. He has worked for utilities, geographical institutes and private companies all over the world. His great passion: to deliver extremely concrete solutions through consultancy and training. His speciality? Converting, validating and analysing data with FME® (Safe Software). As a cartographer, he comes up with clever solutions for data visualisation. And thanks to his Business Process Management training, he involves all aspects of your organisation in his Nordend creation.

Nordend is proud of its vision and values. We do what we promise. Our organisation counts on more than fifteen years of experience in GIS and cartography. We match your objectives and IT perfectly. This is how you achieve your goal.

Another interesting fact: Nordend is a 4609 metre high mountain on the border of Switzerland and Italy. We guide your organisation to the top!

Marnick Clé is FME consultant for Nordend. With a master's degree in geography and a fondness for FME, GIS and data in general, he integrates effortlessly into any project. He thoughtfully and purposefully works through problem sets so that client and process are aligned. His focus is on using FME Desktop and FME Server to create a customised solution that meets all the customer needs. As a seasoned multitasker he is ready to answer all your questions.

Jasper Wisbecq is FME consultant for Nordend. With a master's degree in Geomatics, Jasper started his career in the domain of aerial mapping and 3D-acquisition. In this field, he often used FME to speed up processes and solve problems. Later on in his professional life, he helped monitoring BIM projects. His specialty? Manipulating CAD, BIM, 3D and raster data with FME.

Sione Janssen Whiteman is a Data Engineer at Nordend. With her master's degree in fundamental mathematics, she is a wiz at problem-solving and logical thinking. She enjoys turning data into a visual result. As an industrious young professional, she is happy to help you work out the best solution for your (geo)data.

Matthias Holemens is a GIS consultant at Nordend. After obtaining his master's degree in geography, Matthias started working as a surveyor in the dredging & offshore industry. After 2 years of international experience, he decided to work as a topographical consultant at the railways. As a result, Matthias has acquired a lot of experience in collecting and processing GeoData, always with the quality of the data in mind. His mission is to translate the customer's wishes into FME in order to obtain a high-quality finished product.

Margot D'haemer is a BIM consultant at Nordend. Her career started in the field of processing point clouds. This data was used, among other things, to create 3D models for the client, mainly using CAD and GIS software. There, she also got to know FME as a useful tool to perform operations and checks on such data. With her background as an industrial engineer in construction (option surveying), she has just that little bit more to use FME to handle construction-related projects.

Warre Gevers is a Data Engineer at Nordend. With a master's degree in theoretical physics and a dose of youthful enthusiasm, he is adept at solving complex and abstract problems. As a young professional, he guarantees precision and perseverance, ready to solve problems and expand his knowledge. This driven mind does not shy away from any challenge, ensuring the correct handling of every project.

Johan Vanmeert joins Nordend as Telecom and Fiber Optics Consultant. He has 20 years of experience on an international level. Last decade, he was involved in the management of a fiber optics network and infrastructure. He focused on streamlining and improving the processess and procedures around, and raising the quality of the documentation of, the fiber optics infrastructure. Johan decided to join Nordend because of the dynamics of the company, its people, and the values they stand for.

Reine Stoffels is FME Consultant at Nordend. With a master’s degree in Geomatics, she started her career as a Hydrographic Surveyor. Driven by the desire for a more efficient way to handle big data and seeking more innovation she gained experience as a Support and Application Engineer solving reality data problems. She helped customers world-wide and assisted finding the best workflow for dedicated markets, specializing in mobile mapping, UAS mapping, oblique mapping, and photogrammetry. Her focus will be building applications with FME.

Christophe Collard is an FME consultant at Nordend. He holds a Master's degree in geomatics and has accumulated years of experience in GIS, CAD, surveying and mapping within university, public and private contexts. As a 'Certified Professional', he uses FME Form and FME Flow on a daily basis to manage and automate complex processes or in the creation, management and analysis of (geo)data.

Jacoba De Zwaef is HR and Office manager for Nordend. She likes organisations that are in motion, because simplifying workflows gives her energy. Contact her if you have any questions about HR, invoicing or accounting at Nordend.

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