Safe Software is the developer of FME. This is extremely powerful, flexible software that models complex data processes of spatial and non-spatial data in a simple manner. FME supports the import of over four hundred formats. The focus was initially on GIS and CAD formats and raster data. Later it expanded to simple integrations of web services, BI packages and Office formats.

How does it work? With an interface, you put together your own migration and conversion processes - without programming.

FME is the perfect integration tool:

  • - The possibilities in the field of spatial data are enormous.
  • - The system supports hundreds of formats.
  • - The platform is available as FME Desktop and FME Server.
  • - The full FME Server function is available in FME Cloud.

Nordend has been a Partner of Safe Software since 2019. In 2020 Safe Software has been included in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the first time.


FME Services

Do you need support in setting up your automated FME processes? Then you have come to the right place at Nordend. How do we proceed? Our starting point is an in-depth analysis of your objectives. Then, bit by bit, we put together the perfect process to achieve that goal.

Founder Jelle De Zwaef is certified in FME Desktop (since 2014) and FME Server (since 2020).


FME Advice

Do you need advice on FME within your organisation? Nordend knows what needs to be done in all areas:

- Integration of data from web services
- Management of your FME Server
- Creation of server apps - so your entire organisation benefits from FME automation
- Publication of databases

Do you have questions about FME? Feel free to contact us. Together we maximise the benefits of FME for your organisation.


FME Training

Nordend provides every FME training course:

- Desktop and Server
- Beginners and advanced

Our training courses take place in our offices or at your premises. Are you looking for a specific training for your organisation? Then count on our commitment and expertise. Time and again, we set up the requested training course - perfectly tailored to your needs.

Would you like more information about our training offer? Feel free to contact us.

Hans van der Maarel founded Red Geographics in 2004. The company focuses on convenient data processing solutions with FME and MAPublisher. The top 5 ranking in the FME User Community underlines the company's commitment to all FME users worldwide.

Red Geographics and Nordend share two great passions: cartography and personal service. We like to join forces and combine years of experience to surprise our customers with excellent map series.

Feel free to contact Nordend any time!



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